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Saturday, September 12, 2009

The winner is DEDOu......

I am really impressed by this dude... Check out the interview I jacked from REMIXCOMPS as he talks about how he does what he does....

Give us a brief overview of your music style, influences and where you currently are with your music?
My favourite music styles are Jazz (from Swing to Nu jazz), Funk (before 80's), Hip Hop and blues. I played in several groups (piano E-piano clavinet organ synth), I made an album last year "Jazz 'o Funk" 12 tracks. I began to do remixes a few years ago when I got interested by Hip Hop, Nowadays I mostly do instrumentals for rappers and prepare my second album, my goal is to bring a bit of jazz/funk/groove in my instrus.

Which remix contests have you won?

Femi Kuti "You Better Ask Yourself" Remix (Winner)
Niamaj "Love Joint" Remix Contest (Winner)
Mad Decent "Hood Celebrity" remix contest (3rd)
Prolific & Reanimator "Artist Goes Pop" Remix (Finalist)
Dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip Remix Contest (2nd)
"Mayi Elle" REMIX CONTEST (Winner)
Summer Session remix contest (Winner)
Which remix contest win do you feel was your biggest success and why?
Even if not won, the Bernard Dolan "HEART FAILURE" is still my fav (listenable), I do admire a lot Strange Famous Records Artists and I am absolutely fan of Mister Sage Francis.

Why do you enter remix contests?
It's a good way to enter in contact with great performers for possible collaborations and it can help promote my music. Ah! and sometimes you win cool stuffs...

What equipment/software do you use when you create a remix?
I own very basic equipment:

Hardware : Mackie vlz, Sennheizer HD25, CME UF70, Roland D50, Shure Beta58, Colorsound Wha pedal, PC + ESI Juli@ soundcard
Software : Cakewalk9, Acid, a correct sample library, some plug-ins

How much time do you spend on a normal remix contest?
I usually spend a week (+- 3 hours a day) on a remix, if I'm not happy within 3 days with what I (try to) reach, I give up and restart from zero.

What is your plan of action when you first get hold of some remix stems.
I mount the accapella, set bpm, and examine very carefully the structure of the song.

Give us a brief overview of the whole remixing process you go through when creating a remix...
When bpm and structure are done, I build the drums and fills, then I search piano/Ep/synth and bass parts by improvising on my keyboards, I record plenty of parts, and build the arrangement.

What is the best remix/best remixer in your opinion and why? Propellerheads - History Repeating : swing, groove, hip hop, real good musicians, the perfect remix imho.

What single piece of advice can you give to less experienced remixers who are starting out?
If not done yet, study a bit of music theory and practice an instrument if possible, coz you do better things and when you know what you do. Listen to the original very carefully, study the structure of the song can help to change it in a logical way, find the intention of the artist you are remixing, try to bring something new in it and don't stop till you feel that your version is better than the original

Anything else you want to add?
erm... nothing except please excuse my very bad english...

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